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North West Window Tinting has been installing window film since 1989.

Our background is not only installation, we have product knowledge from window film production to window film development, which means we hand-pick and customise our products to ensure high performance. Our Team of installers ensure the highest quality of installation.

Covering the North West of England and Wales, we provide a professional installation service to help solve issues with all aspects of Glazing problems.

Happy to help

At North West Window Tinting, we pride ourselves in not only an excellent installation, but we ensure the right product is recommended for the job. From time to time we help architects and facilities managers to solve problems, that relate to Heat reduction, Glare reduction, Privacy safety, security, and manifestation, even if this means we recommend other none window film products.

Privacy window tinting

What our customers say!



As you can see the conservatory is very close to the neighbours fence and they can easily see into the conservatory.


We installed our decorative film and frosted film to stop nosey on lookers, they affect has made the conservatory looking modern , without the need for blinds.

Stripes and Frosted

A closer look, no need for blinds again!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is window film?
Window film is a clear polyester film, which is either then dyed, extruded or metallised to produce a product that reduces heat and glare from the sun that increases comfort and reduces energy usage.
Will window film stop my conservatory getting too hot?

The use of a high-performance window will dramatically reduce overheating making the space much more user-friendly.

I think I need a solar film but don’t want the mirror effect?
Whilst a silver solar film can make a building look very modern it would not suit a domestic application or an old, historic building. However, there are several neutral films available that can give maximum protection yet are hardly noticeable. Also, sputtering technology has led to several high-performance films which are extremely light.
Does the film improve both G & U Values? G= Heat gain U=Heat lose
Yes, our Low e films will improve both the heat gain and heat loss properties of the glazing system.
How long does window film last?
We only install the best quality window film, which come with a 10-15 year manufactures warrantee (Internal Installation).
How do I clean the window film after installation?
Window film can be cleaned using any type of glass cleaner, do not use any abrasives, i.e. scrub pads.
I want a window film so nobody can see into my house/office/conservatory is this possible?
This is possible but only in daytime hours because the spectrum of light is stronger outside, however in nighttime hours the spectrum of light is reversed meaning people can see inside through the window film.
How does safety and security film work?
Safety and Security film work by holding the broken glass together, these films won’t stop the glass from breaking, please read EN12600 and EN356 for more information.
Can I buy window film from North West Window Tinting and install the window film myself?
Yes, you can buy window film from North West Window Tinting, we will even give you instructions on how to install the window film, however, we cannot offer you a manufactures warrantee as this only cover installation companies who have attended an intensive training course, which relates to glazing systems and installations.
Will the window film have a gap around the window?
Yes, the window film will have a small gap, approx. 2mm, which is very difficult to see, this gap is needed to allow the window film to dry onto the window.
Can I remove the window film myself in the future?
Yes, you can remove the window film yourself, however, it is very difficult to remove the adhesive, to remove the adhesive you will need a razor blade.
How much does it cost to install window film to my office?
We cannot give a general s/m price as we need to know all conditions and factors before we give out a price, call us and we will ask the relevant questions.
Does the window film go on the inside or the outside of the glass?
In almost all window film installations the window film is installed onto the inside of the glass, however we do install window film onto the outside of the glass if needed.
I need to block out the light but I don’t want to make the room dark, can you help?
Window film will block out the visible light by reflecting or absorbing the light, which means the rooms light will be reduced. Have you ever seen a clear pair of sunglasses? We would suggest a 50% VLT (Visual Light Transmission) this film will reduce the visual light by 50%.